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We are RTM. We are the integration hub of the financial market.

We integrate the Brazilian financial market. Our solutions and tools boost our clients’ results.

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RTM. Understand in order to integrate. Understand in order to help.

Our strength comes from our deep knowledge: we understand the day-to-day of the financial sector better than anybody.

We stand out due to our intense empathy: we learn to listen what our clients want and turn their needs into technological solutions.

What makes us unique comes from our vocation for innovation: we have made it this far because we specialize in technology, operations and processes. And mainly because we are obsessed with delivering the best integration solutions for the market.

That is why we are the main integration hub of the Brazilian financial market.

Our purpose

To foster evolution through knowledge.

Our position

Understand in order to integrate. Understand in order to help.

Our vocation

We specialize in what we do. We go way beyond knowledge in cutting-edge technologies: our main resource is the business know-how. We have the experience and understand the issues and needs of our clients. We know what’s at stake and always deliver the best solutions for the market.

We are present in almost all of the Brazilian territory.

We are present in almost all of the Brazilian territory, connecting more than 700 institutions with ensured stability, security and speed. Our offices are present in 19 Brazilian states and the Federal District, ensuring coverage across all five regions of the country.
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We connect more than 700 institutions and service/information providers.

Our Solutions

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Hub Funds

A platform that standardizes and automatizes communication between players in operations of integration and portability of investment fund shares, without requiring the participating institutions to adapt their internal systems. The solution facilitates the exchange of information between managers, custodians, administrators and distributors by adopting the international standard ISO 20022, used in Open Finance, in order to provide more transparency and efficiency to the operations.

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Hub Payments

Designed to operate in an extremely critical environment, Hub Payments is a robust and intelligent platform, composed of modules to comply with Central Bank Circulars nº 3.765 and 3.592, which regulate the payment arrangement market. Hub Payments uses its own IT infrastructure and requires no initial investment. It also uses private connectivity, as well as encryption of files involved in transactions between Hub Payments and CIP, thus granting fully secured communication.

Segurança - Homem de negócios vendo informações no tablet e computador

Especially to those in the financial sector who deal with critical data on a daily basis, it is essential to have a robust security system to identify risks and protect information.

RTM has a portfolio of specific services for payment and financial institutions that seeks to mitigate cyber threats and provide detailed reports that meet compliance and audit requirements.

Cloud Services - Homem e mulher vendo informações financeiras no notebook
Cloud Services

rtm cloud services is a set of cloud resource management services designed to meet the computational needs of a financial institution, offering high levels of automation, visibility, elasticity, autonomy and security.

The financial market cloud.

SWIFT – Mulher Jovem visualizando informações no tablet
SWIFT Bureau

The solution, developed for institutions that wish to access the SWIFT network, uses the RTM infrastructure of hardware, systems, connectivity and software. Moreover, it has a redundant structure, with sites in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and certified support in Portuguese.

RTM SWIFT Connection

An alternative aimed at banks with a higher volume of messages, that prefer to store their own databases while using the RTM connectivity infrastructure with SWIFT.

Telefonia IP - Pessoa atendendo ligação em aparelho telefônico

A state-of-the-art collaborative platform of cloud-based IP Telephony, with advanced unified communication resources and a native recording system. Your extension can be used on various devices from anywhere in the world, as if you were at your workstation.

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